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It's not what I think it's what you say

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[30 Jan 2009|03:16pm]
I write here now

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You have turned into a ghost [07 Aug 2008|08:37pm]
Beefcake died today. I wrapped him in my sleater-kinney t-shirt, and we buried him under the weeping willow in the backyard. I didn't want to do it, but I knew he was in so much pain. Eli and my mom were hovering over him, when I came downstairs, he sat up and walked over to me and put his paw on my hand. I could see the pain in his eyes. I miss him so much already. He was very loved for 17 years. Two more days would've marked the 17th anniversary of his arrival into our home. I'm just glad I was here to say goodbye to him. I held his paws and told him I loved him over and over again until he was no longer there. Now he is a ghost, and I hope he haunts me (in a good way) for a long time.
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[05 Jan 2008|07:17pm]
Anna bought me a beautiful guitar for my birthday. It's seriously the prettiest guitar I've ever seen. We shopped online for it, and I choose a country style guitar. It's acoustic-electric, black with maroon and two pick guards that look like leaves. Today I wrote a song about being homesick and cried. Emo.
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[25 Oct 2007|11:49am]
I gave my notice this week at work. My boss said that it's heartbreaking, but she understands. Horizon is my only friend. haha actually no. Dylan and I did robot zombies last night because it was super slow. Afterwards, we went to Toby's for a drink which turned into three pitchers. I just drank a mug of green tea, a glass of water with emergen-c, and ate some granola and the hangover has subsided. I love all the little things for hangovers that Horizon provides!

I got my passport. I need to pick it up on the 5th. I still need to get my healthcare and taxes sorted out. Next week I'm buying my ticket. I have to get my wisdom teeth out because my mom yelled at me the other day. GOD. I don't want to get them out. But I have to... a week before I leave!

Let's see. I didn't invite anyone to my wedding. I invited people the the party for the wedding, but the wedding was just family only. The ceremony was beautiful. I almost passed out. The honeymoon was even better. LA was too hot though. San Francisco was beautiful and windy.

Buchen is going to be a drastic change for me. Not only am I moving to another country, but to a small village where hardly anyone speaks english. I've been teaching myself for the past two months, so I know the basics. Guten tag, wie gehts dir, ich bin party machen. You know... the usual.

Ruth asked if I was throwing a going away party. I laughed. No, I don't think I could face the embarrassment of throwing a going away party and only having Preston as my guest... which would be by default because he lives with me. yeaaaaaah.
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[28 Sep 2007|01:32am]
Harvey smells like a dirty towel. He likes to sleep on preston's rancid towel... what amazes me even more is that Preston actually uses that towel to dry his body off after a shower. Why?? What's the point of showering? It's like brushing your teeth with sugar.. or plaque. Yeah, plaque.

I have nothing else to say.

Well, I do... but not now.
not now.
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[16 Sep 2007|05:59pm]
Longer entry about the whole marriage thing.

We decided to do it the other day. We had talked about it a bit and it just seems right. So, we emailed a marriage commissioner and set a date. We were both shaking and giggling nervously after the marriage commissioner called and confirmed. Yesterday, we went to Jack Chow insurance and got a marriage license. I was nervous and scared all day to call my mom. She wasn't too thrilled. She said she's happy for me, but she's just taken by surprise. She wouldn't believe me at first. She's like, "No, you're lying to me. You're winding me up! You're lying!" She made me hand the phone to Preston where she asked, "Preston, has she lost her fucking mind?" He said, "you know what, mom? If there's one thing you have taught me, it's to be a good judge of character, and I approve of this whole thing. I've seen enough of their relationship to know that it's right." Sweetest thing he's ever said.

We had the engagement party last night. Last minute. Preston's idea really. We bought cheap champagne and everyone made toasts. It was so nice. My head hurts sooooo much still. Damn champagne. And Anna got called into work. Poor her.

So yes, I am getting married. It's crazy and fast and all those things you're thinking, but I'm happy. And hello... it's me! I just found someone who is as crazy as me. I can't believe I'm going to be a Mrs. that's the only thing that gets me.. Mrs Buffalo. hahahaah!!! MRS!!!! I need to become a Lady so it can take precedence. Lady jessica buffalo.

I hope my mom comes around.
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[27 Aug 2007|11:31am]
Applying for my passport, I don't know anyone who can be a guarantor.
Why aren't any of you doctors or lawyers or mayors????
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[10 Aug 2007|12:50pm]
I'm going to the island this weekend. I get to play tour guide for Anna. "This is where me and roxanne got stoned one time and watched these racoons for an hour and gave them personalities" and "this is where I got drunk for the first time and some girl made me dive into the ocean for quarters." Oh memories. So Roxanne, I need your number! How do I track you down???

I just went to Subway and the girl put two of everything on my sub. "It's okay if you put more than 3 black olives on my sub," I said to her. Fuck. Seriously. Why so stingy with the vegetables? I'm paying a stupid amout for that sub already. Give me a lot of veggies!!!

The downstairs neighbor keeps playing "Strong Enough" by Sheryl Crow over and over again.
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[05 Jul 2007|11:13am]
I'm moving in February. It's decided. I've worked out the figures, and if I want to live comfortably, I have to begin saving in September and leave in February. I could potentially leave in January, we'll just see how much I hate vancouver by then.

It's not that I hate vancouver. I'm just tired of it, and I desperately need a change. I haven't really done anything exciting with my life and now that I'm not in school, I think this is the perfect time! Plus, I'll have so many rad places all around me that I can run away too when London becomes too overwhelming.

So, get your jessica time in now. We have seven months.
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[24 May 2007|01:37pm]
La Drama is set to play Ladyfest Vancouver June 23rd at the Anza club!!!

there is a wasp in my apartment.

Uncanny tonight @ lick.

la la la.
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[23 May 2007|11:21am]
Oh god, I'm listening to a cbc radio podcast and drinking tea. Who have I become?
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[10 May 2007|12:04pm]
I know you don't have the internet because you sold your computer for crack....



See you at work. Those groceries are going to be extra special to pick today!!
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[21 Apr 2007|11:57pm]
holy crap SNL is hilarious tonight.

yep.. that's why I have a livejournal.. to tell the world that saturday night live

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[17 Apr 2007|10:51pm]
Okay. How well do I handle blood and gore?? Not well at all, and I'm trying to watch MTV's Scarred and I'm fucking LOSING it. I'm trying to scream everytime I see someone snap a bone or rip their leg open... but I can't because I'm ill and I'm losing my voice.


It's my new rescue 911.
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[07 Apr 2007|08:02pm]
I never thought this song could be so sad.

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[28 Mar 2007|05:16pm]
I just found this:

"I won't say much about the sold-out show other than that it was good. La Drama, a three-piece indie pop/rock outfit with vocals sounding a bit like Sister-era Kay Hanley/Letters to Cleo, opened up. They were followed by the artsy, bass-less five-piece My Project: Blue. They were composed of four guys and a girl, who, refreshingly, was their lead electric guitarist instead of their bassist or keyboardist. Way to break the stereotype! She kind of reminded me of Amanda Walsh (from MuchMusic), actually, and showed that you don't necessarily have to fill out a tube top to look good in it. Anyway, both openers were good, and in retrospect, I wish I had bought one of the three CDs La Drama had on sale. I still haven't figured out whether that was three copies of a CD or three different discs... So, for not wanting to say much about the show, I've already said quite a bit. Why don't I just finish the damn thing?"

I'm pretty sure it was three different discs.. whatever, we never expect to sell cds. Plus, we gave those bitches away. First come, first serve.
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[20 Mar 2007|12:53pm]
It's that time again, Kittens.

La Drama is playing a show on March 28th.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Two days later, I'm playing a solo show with Maegan and Lise Monique at Trees Organic Coffee on Granville st.

Four days after that, I'm playing a solo show in Nanaimo with The Sheds and The Paperboxes. Hopefully Marcus Hastings can wrangle up some musicians to jump in and help me out.

Exciting! Hope to see your little whiskers out at at least one show.
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[15 Mar 2007|01:40pm]
oh my GOD they talk so much on the Gilmore Girls!
And they just keep talking without interrupting each other.
What kinda DREAM world is this???
It's driving me crazy. CRAXY!
Let's see... I have to work tonight so no bent for me.
I'm saving myself for Saturday. Shaina is supposed to be in town.
Why am I writing my entry like this? IT'S NOT A SONNET!
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[15 Mar 2007|09:31am]
Oh my god. Can someone please post something? I've been looking at Tender Forever's face for two days now!!
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[14 Mar 2007|04:41pm]
Yeah I'm going to plug this shit.


Listen to "final test"
I just wrote/recorded it like an hour ago.
I'm proud of myself, okay!
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